Articles from January 2010

A Healthy Muffin Recipe

Pre heat oven 350 degrees 2 C of wheat/quality grain flour 1 c Oat bran ½ C of sugar or splenda 1 tbs baking power 1 tbs baking soda Mix all dry ingredients together 3 med bananas mashed 4 egg whites ¼ c of olive oil 8 oz fat free sour cream 2 tbs vanilla [...]

Women & Heavy Weights

Women need heavy weights to make an impact on their metabolic rate, reduce body fat, and give their bodies a tight defined appearance. Today did pullups with tricep pushups. Heavy shoulder press, intense shoulder circuit which gave me a great burn and some triceps and abs. Janet joined me today.

Lisa’s Success

I want to recognize one of my clients: Lisa. At first she had pain and severe tightness in her hip, low back, glute, and down her leg. Her foot would also hurt. She could not run; lunges and squats hurt her leg and hip. There were so many exercises she could not do. Before coming [...]

Warming up and stretching. Which comes first?

I see many clients come to Bootcamp and the first thing they do is stretch before performing a lap. Warm Up Comes First. Why? Prepare the body for the activity Injury prevention Increase blood to muscle, tendons, & ligaments Mental preparation Stretching before or after your workout? Stretching is generally considered a great way o [...]

Eating for health!

I wanted to start this blog because so many people make unhealthy eating choices. Then there are those who make good selection but the serving size is too large, or make a meal all carbs. I am not a nutritionist but very knowledgeable about healthy eating options. Attend a lot of seminar about nutrition for [...]