Sharing Recipes, Converter to a healthier verision

I want to share mine and your recipes with everyone reading this blog.
I am good at modifing recipes to make them a healthier options…

so  post your favorite recipe in the comments  and i will update it for you.
We will start a recipe library for a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Meredith says:

    Here’s a great protein rich recipe!

    1 lb lean ground turkey
    1 jar of salsa
    8 oz. of low fat cottage cheese (small curd)

    Brown the turkey, then add jar of salsa and cook on low for about 5 min. After cooking put into a bowl and add cottage cheese. Each time I make it, I add something different, like black beans and white kidney beans. I like to make this into burritos by putting the mixture into a multi grain La Tortilla Factory tortilla.

  2. LeanImages says:

    thanks, simple, easy, and low in “bad” fat and high in protein… a very lean (96%) beef can be used if turkey is just not your thing..

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