Articles from March 2010

Join June, the trainer for 30 days to a Leaner Body

I decided to “really” clean up my eating.   I want to get off sugar and “extra” snacking.   Too much sugar makes us tired, promotes more cravings and spikes insulin which STORES BODY FAT AROUND THE BELLY! I am looking for others to follow with me… to see how much of change we can make on […]

Childhood Obesity Task Force.. Send Ideas

Melody Barnes, Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy has  asked  – parents, teachers, everyone with a stake in our children’s future – to join us in this effort, so we want to make sure we hear from you about what this effort should look like.   So I submitted my idea: Tackling childhood obesity is a […]

What’s Lean for Dinner?… what’s your favorite meal?

4 oz fresh filet of Dover Sole seasoned with your favorite spices or Seafood crust rub. With spray pam lighted cook and brown in pan 2 to 3 , when ready to flip, spray more pam and cook other side. Stir fry brocolli and aparagas in pam and 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp chopped […]


I found this great article written by Dwayne Hines II, and wanted to summary and share important information with you. Have you noticed the ads for high fructose corn syrup on TV lately?   The agricultural industry is running all out media on how wonderful high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is.  Why the sudden push? HFCS […]

Fish Oil Protects Cells from Aging

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil prevnets cell aging by preserving structures called telomeres. Telomeres form the protective caps of the genes.  The deteriorate with ages, which eventually results in cell death.  Protecting the telomeres is an imortant way to prevent aging.  A university of California,  San Francisco study found that people with the highest […]

How do you slim down heavy legs – Answer….

Last week i posted the question regarding slimming down heavy legs and asked you to test your fitness knowledge. Here is a quick summary of options: OPTION # 1: Do tons of cardio nearly every day.   Go light on weights so you don’t bulk them up? OPTION  #2: Focus way more on weight workouts.   Continue to […]

Tonights Dinner: Shrimp, Brocolli Stirfry w/ Garlic rice- What did you cook?

1 lb of shrimp peeled and cleaned 4 large brocilli crowns cleaned, and cut in bite size pieces 1 lb of aparagas, cleaned and cut in 1″ pieces spray pam 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp of minced garlic 3 tbsp of “house of Tsang” Teriyaki Grill sauce (central market) low sodium chicken broth 1 […]

SPRING BREAK SPECIALS – Lose weight, Get Fit Fast!

Offering $50 off any 3x/week boot camp or program. (=> $275) Offering $25 off any2x/week  boot camp or program (=> $174) Plus the 48 hour specials every friday 5pm to sunday 5pm

Tornado Boot Camp and Tabatas, the 90 minute fat blaster

Once a month i offer a 90 minute workout.  We have done one at thanksgiving, new years and today we had another great workout.   We offer these workout at a great low price…   We include cardio, core, strength, endurance, anaerobic, and high intensity! Tornado boot camp is the newest training techniques for shedding body fat  […]

First Lady Michelle Obama announced “Our Apps for Healthy Kids” Competition!

Attention Techies! Apps for Healthy Kids Launched Yesterday! Posted March 11, 2010, Secretary Tom Vilsack, U.S. Department of Agriculture Cross-posted from USDA. Yesterday was a very exciting day here at USDA as we joined First Lady Michelle Obama in announcing our Apps for Healthy Kids competition! Apps for Healthy Kids is part of the First […]