Childhood Obesity Task Force.. Send Ideas

Melody Barnes, Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy has  asked  – parents, teachers, everyone with a stake in our children’s future – to join us in this effort, so we want to make sure we hear from you about what this effort should look like.  

So I submitted my idea:

Tackling childhood obesity is a huge task and requires commitment from parents, communities, and society.

Parents need to understand the importance of keeping their children moving and expose them to better eating habits.   Children learn from an early age, parents need to be roles models.  Parents need to encourage activity even if it only in form of riding bikes around the park, or flying a kite.

Kids learn by role models and who is in the best position to expose kids to exercise, fruits and vegetables, for setting limits on TV or non active video games, or showing their kids how much fun a nature walk is.

When I was growing up, I was outside all day, playing in the yard, riding my bike, walking with friends. Yes life was simpler than, but our society and parents must make this a priority.


“Fun at the park” Day

We have beautiful parks all across this great country of ours… Weekly/monthly activity event at every park across America for fun activities such as soccer, kickball, flying a kites, or silly events like 3 leg sack race to get kids moving and laughing…  It can be a different activity, but it would be an event that kids and parents would look forward to each week/month…

Pick a date such as June 5th, 2010 and every community; town will organize the “fun at the park”.  It would be so exciting to see every state and town at a park all across America having fun at the same time!

How great would it be to see parents, neighbors, and kids laughing while moving?  Even better yet, kids and parents looking forward to this weekly or monthly event!

When the weather  outside allows,  have a show off your pet, fishing, nature walks, finding treasures , counting how many flowers they see…. When it’s too cold to be outside go inside to a school gym or community center for crafts, healthy cooking lessons…

We must get everyone excited about “moving”   Exercise is here to stay and we need to educate all Americans that it is the only solution to a healthier longer quality life.  

As a personal trainer, I would donate time to every month to get kids playing “fun” fitness games.  Maybe chefs and nutritionist could donate an hour or two every month to help their community…

Someone from each community would need to take the lead, maybe the mayor’s office and put together a committee of volunteers that would include personal trainers, nutritionist, and various community members.   Fliers or information can be put inside water bills, community newsletters and get the media involved to help spread the word regarding “the fun at the park” day”

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  1. michelle boyd says:

    I think this a great idea! I’d be more than happy to volunteer for an event like this. Austin is a fairly active city but I feel like kids aren’t involved as much as they should be.

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