How do you slim down heavy legs – Answer….

Last week i posted the question regarding slimming down heavy legs and asked you to test your fitness knowledge.
Here is a quick summary of options:

OPTION # 1: Do tons of cardio nearly every day.   Go light on weights so you don’t bulk them up?
OPTION  #2: Focus way more on weight workouts.   Continue to do cardio, but only a few times a week for short sessions
OPTION #3:Slam your legs with heavy weights routines.   And on other days do cardio in the form of high intensity intervals sessions

I received 3 comments one for each of the options…   Correct answer…. Heavy weights, slam the legs and high intensity cardio for about 30-40 minutes.

Lifting heavy on your leg days creates hormonal changes that ultimately result in a faster resting metabolic rate, which translate to burning away stubborn fat in your legs.   But it is not a matter of merely lifting heavy, the rep range must be 10 to 20.   so just because your doing  more reps, don’t use light weights.   The higher reps helps in the shaping and contouring  the legs.

So why not a lower rep range with heavier weights?  It will fail to spark enough lactic accumulation to trigger increased release of human growth hormone and testosterone.   It is these nature fat burning hormones that ingnites fat burning and a higher resting metabolic rate even while you sleep.

The bottom line weight lifting is mandatory for streamlining and shaping legs.   Free weight exercises are best such as walking lunges or squats.    With 15 or 20 reps of a heavy weight, your legs will be cooked..  Be sure the weight you select, you can handle and your muscles, joints, and connective tissue can handle.

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