Meal plan week 3


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Breakfast 1 C high fiber cereal1 C Mootopia Skim Milk 1 Egg plus 2 egg whites   Scrambled2 slice of lite wheat toast ½ Melon1 C cottage cheese¼ C high fiber cereal Protein shake:1 C of mootopia skim1 scoop of choc protein

½ small banana

8 to 10 ice cubes

mix in blender until thick

2 oz of lean Ham1 oz fat free cheese(heat in micro)

serve on ½ whole grain english muffin

open face sandwich

French toast: 2 slice lite wheat bread dip in: ½ c mootopia milk & 3 egg whites plus cinnamon.Cook w/Pam sprayServe w/spray butter & splenda cinnamon mixture

2 oz very lean ham or turkey breast – heat 

1 Whole grain waffleSpray butterSun crystal /cinnamon

4 egg whites cooked

½ c Fresh berries

Snack Low sugar/ high protein  nutrition Bar8oz Water ½ C cottage cheese w/1 C fresh berries¼ C Go Lean 2 oz fat free cheese½ banana Same as Tuesday 1 celery stalk w/1  TBSP of peanut butter 3 hardboiled egg whites1 c fresh berries Same as Thursday breakfast
Lunch Pita Pocket4 oz tuna w/ fat free majo or sour creamadd tomato, lettuce, onion for taste 4 oz Grilled Chicken breastLarge healthy salad w/ fat free dressing 3 oz turkey breast on 2 slice whole grain bread. Add tomato etc for taste.Mustard or fat free mayo only.1 small apple 4 oz baked fish w/ lemonFat free salad½ C brown rice Leftover chick & shrimp pasta stirfry 1 cup of turkey chili Same as Wednesday
Snack Meal replacement shake 2 celery stalk w/ ½  TBSP of peanut butter per each stalk Balance or PR Bar8oz Water Same as Monday 2 oz turkey breast5 wheat thin fat reduced crackers 1/2 apple
7 almonds
2oz tuna
½ turkey sandwich:1 slice lite wheat, 2oz turkey,  mustard for taste
Dinner 4 to 6 oz chicken breast – grilled no oil½ C: boiled potatoe or rice, or beans2 c of green fresh or frozen veg. 3 oz 96% lean ground beef- grilledNO BUN3 Cups of green vegatables Chicken & Shrimp pasta stir fry:Serving size 2 cupsSee recipe

Save left over for lunch!

Turkey Chili with 1 C green veg.See recipeShould be 2 or 3 servings left over. 4 oz Grilled fresh salmon –lemon4 oz sweet potatoe1 small yellow squash (slice, and cook on grill or broiler, spray pam plus 2Tsp water..

salt, pepper and spray butter to taste

1 c fresh or frozen green beans

BBQ  chickenGrilledor baked chicken breast w/brothSeason w/dry spices, cover w/foil.

3oz baked potatoe

2 c green veg

4 oz lean steak2 c veg½ egg noodles or wheat pasta stir fried w 1 tsp olive oil & fresh garlic, salt, pepper, and tiny parmesan cheese for taste

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