Turkey Chili

6 servings

lean ground 1% turkey 16 ounces

2 can low sodium tomato Soupundiluted, 10-3/4-oz

Beans, black, canned, 15.5-oz can 1 can

96% Beef, ground, extra-lean,  3 ounces

Garlic, raw, average cloves (1/9 oz) 1/2 piece

Chili powder, regular, 1/11 oz per teaspoon 8 tsps

cook turkey and beef, than put in blender to grid fine. add garlic, soup, beans, spices

and cook 30 to 45 min on low heat, covered.

Nutrient Profile for One Serving: 250 calories based on 6 servings


Calories from…  Prot 41%, Carb 40%, Fat 18%  


  1. Manda says:

    I’ve made the chili and tasted it and it is good! Thanks for all the recipes.

    Chicken is also in the oven now so I should be ready to go for the week.

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