Week May 18, 2010 Trainers Meals – Plan & shopping list

Prepare your dinners, cook 3 to 5 chicken breast, cook 2 to 4 lbs of fresh vegs, make turkey chili, and high grain pasta

place in bowls in

Shopping list:

  Egg/ Egg whites
  Lots of  mixed Green Vegs
  Jewish rye bread
  Mothers oat bran: 1g sugar / 6 g fiber
  Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt and /or FF cottage cheese
  Various Berries
  Couple of apples
  1 can black beans, 2 can low sodium tomato soup
  1 can low sodium diced tomatos
  Almond Butter
  1 lb 99%  ground turkey & ½ lb 96% lean ground beef
  Chicken breast
  1 talipia
  1 lb, sliced .5, Boar’s head FF low sodium chicken breast
  Ronzoni Healthy Harvest whole wheat pasta
  Spray butter
  Dry spices for seasoning: chili power, red pepper
  Low sodium chick broth
  HEB skim mootapia milk
  Ground flax seed meal
  Oroweat  “Sandwich thins” Honey wheat: 2 g sug/5g fiber
  Pam spray
  Olive oil

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