June’s Meal Plan week of June 14, Round rock personal trainer

5:30am            Mini breakfast: ¼ c of dry oatbran cereal, 8oz mootopia skim milk 1 Tbsp flax seed meal and ¼ blue berries

 8:30am:           protein shake: 1 scoop protein and 8oz cold water and: ½ light multigrain Thomas English muffin w/1 TSP peanut butter or 4 egg whites on Thomas high grain English muffin

 10:30am:         ½ c cottage cheese, ½ c berries, 1/4c Barely fit almond vanilla granola

12:30               Either:  1c June’s Tuna salad (see recipe) on either mixed greens or high grain 1 slice of bread or 4 egg whites, on oroweat thin whole wheat bread (spread ½ tbsp almond butter on bread)

 3pm:                Either:  c cottage cheese, ½ c berries, 1/4c barely fit almond vanilla granola  or ½ c June’s tuna  ½  slice of Thomas toasted high grain English muffins

 5pm                 protein shake & ½ apple

 7pm                 Dinner: EITHER: 4 oz of grilled chicken, Turkey/chicken meatloaf (see recipe) or 6 oz tilopia with either: 3 oz sweet pot or ½ c  of brown rice or beans and 2 c of  stirfry greens beans (see recipe)

9pm:                If hungry: ½ apple with tbsp almond butter

Shopping List:

  Egg/ Egg whites
  3 pounds green string beans
  Mixed baby salad greens
  oat bran: 1g sugar / 6 g fiber
  Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt and /or FF cottage cheese
  Various Berries & 3 apples
  Almond Butter
  1 lb 99%  ground turkey or ground chicken breast
  3 Chicken breast & 2 tilapia fillets
  Thomas multi grain lite English muffins
  24 oz white canned tuna
  Celery, FF sour cream & light majo
  Spray butter
  HEB skim mootapia milk
  Ground flax seed meal
  Oroweat  “Sandwich thins” Honey wheat: 2 g sug/5g fiber
  Pam spray
  Olive oil

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