Trainers shopping list week of June 7

Egg/ Egg whites
Lots of  mixed Green Vegs
Jewish rye bread
Quality oat bran hot cereal : 1g sugar / 6 g fiber
Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt and /or FF cottage cheese
2 to 4 cups of Various Berries
Couple of apples. I like pink ladies
Yellowfin tuna steaks total of 16oz
1 lb Wild shrimp uncooked
Almond Butter or Healthy peanut butter
1 lb,  thin sliced, Boar’s head FF low sodium chicken breast
Ronzoni Healthy Harvest whole wheat pasta
Spray butter
HEB skim mootapia milk
Ground flax seed meal
Oroweat  “Sandwich thins” Honey wheat: 2 g sug/5g fiber
Pam spray
Olive oil
Quality whey protein powder …

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