Articles from July 2010

Resisted runs Round Rock Boot camp by SWAT & Lean Images

Does “wholesome” mean nutritious or natural??

Ever notice the word “wholesome” is most prominently used to describe junk food?  The marketing team for a highlyprocessed sugary food has to come up with catchy decriptive words to sell a product. it would be unethical, illegal for the maker of sugary trans-fatty, artifical food to call them “healthy”, “noursishing,” or “good for you”.  […]

Mini 75-90 min bootcamp workout

  run 1 mile 20 Pushups 25 tricep dips  50 rev crunches 50 DB walking lunges repeat 5 times run 2 miles plank 1.5 min 40 squat thrust 100 wide deep squats  15 DB rows or lat pull downs  repeat 3x run 1 to 3 more miles     this workout is not for the beginner, […]


Despite soy’s popularity, emerging research and mounting health issues have scientists challenging whether or not soy is actually a marketing bonanza disguised as a health food.   A recent survery reveals 85% of the US populatlion believes soy is healthy.   Sales of this waste product were $4 billion in 2007 and 69% of worlds protein meal consumption comes […]