Articles from October 2010

Cedar Park Boot Camp Thanksgiving Fat Blaster

offering a Friday Nov 25 and Saturday Nov 26 Thanksgiving fat blaster at SWAT cedar park boot camp to burn off those extra feast calories. Mixture of cardio, strength, and core. Only $15 per each 90 minute workout… Bring a guest for $5 come join us for a challenging, fun filled workout!

SWAT Track dolly runs at Cedar Park Boot Camp

This is a deceiving exercise… It looks much easier than it is.. when you get about 1/3 around the track, fatigue sets in and that  is when very heavy breathing begins. Runners slow down as if they are running in mud or water.. Any comments??? have you tried these?

Lean Images Round Rock Personal Training has new brochure

Cedar Park Boot Camp, survival of fittest!

Click on image to see video Awesome Dolly Bear Crawl races.   it put a whole new meaning to total body fatigue! Jessika, Jack and Roberta did an awesome job…  Lets see how sore they are tomorrow!

Get Ready Cedar Park Boot Camp, Here comes June

Packed the SWAT mobile up… Mats, Dollies, Check SWAT power straps, Check Tubing, Check Get ready bootcampers…. here comes the she devil with an extra tough workout!

Cedar Park Boot Camp at Wilco park

Thursday 7pm, got a kick butt workout….  We offer what the other camps can’t: 20 years experience, awesome, unique workouts. Results, long term clients, high retension rate.   We are without a doubt worth the extra drive. Take the challenge!  Come try one!

Trainers Workout for Oct 13: Leg Day

June, the owner and master trainer for Cedar Park Boot camps, and Round Rock Personal Trainer is providing you with an awesome leg workout. Keep in mind this is an advanced level and must know how to perform all exercises correctly. Warmup: 10 reps: Leg Press 135# and10  Barbell squat: 95 pounds Barbell Squat: parellel, [...]

Understand Heart Rate formulas

The industry standard for age predicted heart rate is: 220-age x % =Heart rate beats per minutes This formula is a conservative approach especially for beginners.  This formula is used on many charts and coded into heart rate monitors. This formula is not accurate but it is all we have in the fitness industry. Many [...]

90 Minute Spin/Bootcamp Fat Blaster

The hottest ticket in town… Top 2 Trainers together… Can’t find 2 more experienced trainers, 2 of the toughest, and most creative trainers in the austin metro area! June and Carole: 40 years experience Ride the hills and run the hills, throw in tabatas and boot camp drills and you have a ass kicker workout. [...]

Morning Cedar Park Boot camp added

Lean Images has add our famous SWAT Fit-Camp 3 mornings per week at the williamson co park….. Great rate,  top of the line personal trainer,  awesome workout, and get great results…. Check out our calendar: