Trainers Workout for Oct 13: Leg Day

June, the owner and master trainer for Cedar Park Boot camps, and Round Rock Personal Trainer is providing you with an awesome leg workout.

Keep in mind this is an advanced level and must know how to perform all exercises correctly.

Warmup: 10 reps: Leg Press 135# and10  Barbell squat: 95 pounds

Barbell Squat: parellel, full range of motion:
115 #: 10 reps
135#: 10 reps- 4 sets (110% of body weight)

Double Hack Squat: all the way to the bottom below parellel
Go all the way down, come up 1/2 way, all the way back down and then all the up = 1 reps
90#: 10 reps: 70% of Body weight
Repeat  3 sets

Weighted parellel skater lunges: 30 reps
1 L Lunge; 25# DB, 10 reps per leg, parellel
Leg curl, 10 reps, 75#

Repeat this combo 3 x

Go back to the squat rack, legs should extremely tired and shakely,
with 115# perform 10 reps for 3 set..

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