Articles from November 2010

What is in your food?.. Lean Images / cedar park boot camp

Do you know what is in your food?  The food industry has a nasty secret, and it pertains to the ingredients in everyday foods.   Its bad enough food manufactures make the fonts as small as possilbe, now they actually hide what they put into the food. How?  By terminology. MANY NAMES: The central issues in [...]

Cedar Park Boot Camp nutrition ideas

Whether you are doing the Cedar Park Boot Camp or Personal training, you want your body to perform at optimal.  Eating well balanced meals through out the day.   For those who do not like greens or do not eat enough, try Macro Life Naturals “Macro Greens”.    Best tasting of all i have tried and [...]

4 -vs- 2 days per week strength training and impact on volume training

Cindi increased her workout from 2 to 4 days per weeks the end of October 2010. Aug 10, 2010: Chest press: 3150 pounds Nov 11, 2010: Chest press: 5940 pounds Huge change in total volume for chest Aug 14, 2010: Squats: 7175 pounds..  squats only leg exercises performed this day Nov 9, 2010: Squats 6900 pounds plus 90 [...]

Volume Training needs atleast 4 days per week

A husband and wife client wanted to increase their workouts from 2 days per week to 4 days for 2 months to see how it would change their fitness level, bodyfat, endurance, etc… So i want to first start with Mr. MS. On a 2 day a week weight program, their is limited time per [...]

Volume weight training

Volume is defined as the amount of weight x the number of reps. It is a good idea to periodically look at your total volume  per a workout and make sure it exceeds your average for that exercise and exceeds the last time you measured your volume. What exercises are best, those off machines such [...]

Cedar Park Boot camp 90 fat blaster at Lean Images

Hurry, time is running out for enrollment. Deadline date is Thursday 11/25 6pm. $15 for an awesome fat and calories burner after the big thanksgiving meal. workout will be held at lean images studio  go to calendar page

Cedar Park Thanksgiving 90 Min fat blaster!

Hurry, Thanksgiving fat blaster workouts are coming up quick… Buy the Friday at cedar Park 90 min bootcamp and the Saturday 90 minute fat blaster at Lean Images studio and save $5.  Use coupon: TG2010