Articles from December 2010

Personal Training speciality programs by Lean Images

Men’s strength, sports, and core challenge.   Our newest program for men only at the Lean Images Studio.   Starts in January 2011.  Class size is limited. Ok guys, want a workout that combines crossfit, sports drills, basic strength and power… Here it is!

SWAT Cedar Park Boot Camp – New Bootcamps

coming  soon our newest co-ed Plus Size Boot camp in Cedar Park at Wilco Park.  Focus is on weight loss, group support, better nutrition, and healthlier lifestyles

Eating Well on a Budget

The  economic downturn and skyrocketing food prices have forced most Americans to rein in spending, in an effort to keep monthly food costs in check. Not planning meals and not creating a shopping list are two mistakes that cost shoppers more in the long run. Planning is essential to eating well, especially when dollars don’t […]