Articles from December 2010

Coconut milk & why it’s good for you

Coconut milk is obtained from the thick, white flesh or meat found inside a ripe coconut.  There are two types, thick and thin milk. The thick coconut milk is obtained by squeezing the grated coconut only once, while for getting thin coconut milk, the squeezed coconut meat is re-soaked in warm water and then again [...]

New Year New You… Look for group personal training specials

Swat Fit-camp, our cedar park boot camp is offering evening, morning, and plus size fitness camps. Knowledgeable and skilled trainers to coach you thru a safe but effective weight loss and fitness goals. We stand by you the entire journey.  Help with nutrition guidance to expedite your results! Enroll early and look for specials! Enroll [...]

Lean Down Tone up by June

Lean Images personal training is adding new classes, different time options at the new studio.   Our Lean down tone up is all strength and core for women only.  There is no cardio in this workout. Guaranteed to give you the results you want for the new year! Tu & Th 5:20am workouts and Mon & [...]

SWAT Cedar Park Boot Camp – Plus size fitness

Start the new year off right, let Lean Images help you get your health and fitness goals.. We have the trainers, experience, motivation, and a large menu of exercises.  Pluse size co-ed boot camps start in early 2011 at the wilco park and lean images studio. We deliver on results… We have want no one has: [...]

SWAT Cedar Park Boot Camp – 2011

Start thinking ahead, our SWAT bootcamp at wilco park will be adding more camps.  Also a co-ed Plus size bootcamp. 20 year experienced trainers, large equipment selections, 1000′s of ideas and exercise variations… Lose weight, get stronger and have a blast doing it!

Personal Training speciality programs by Lean Images

Men’s strength, sports, and core challenge.   Our newest program for men only at the Lean Images Studio.   Starts in January 2011.  Class size is limited. Ok guys, want a workout that combines crossfit, sports drills, basic strength and power… Here it is!

SWAT Cedar Park Boot Camp – New Bootcamps

coming  soon our newest co-ed Plus Size Boot camp in Cedar Park at Wilco Park.  Focus is on weight loss, group support, better nutrition, and healthlier lifestyles

Eating Well on a Budget

The  economic downturn and skyrocketing food prices have forced most Americans to rein in spending, in an effort to keep monthly food costs in check. Not planning meals and not creating a shopping list are two mistakes that cost shoppers more in the long run. Planning is essential to eating well, especially when dollars don’t [...]