Articles from July 2014

Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville Seamtress and alterations

Need pants or skirts hemmed? Alterations to clothes due to weight loss or gain? Zippers, buttons or tears repaired?  for more information

Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown Personal Training Specials

Lean Images Personal Training is offering specials on our inside bootcamps, group fitness programs and Plus size.  

To Bicep or Tricep, that is the question? Round Rock, Pflugerville Personal Trainer

Should more be spent on working the biceps or triceps?  The bicep is consider the vanity muscle, they get noticed more so alot of people spend alot of time working biceps more than triceps. The triceps are the much bigger of the two muscle groups.  If you are doing bi’s and tri’s on the same [...]

Is deadlift with instability training effective? Round Rock, Pflugerville personal trainer

For core strengthen, most fitness programs exercise on an unstable surface such as BOSU Ball, swiss ball, or wobble boards. A study from the Univ of  Valencia, Spain, showed that training on stable surfaces while doing deadlifts overloaded and activiated the spinal extensor muscle best. Researcher measure the back extensor while perform on stable surface [...]