Articles from December 2017

Coconut milk & why it’s good for you

Coconut milk is obtained from the thick, white flesh or meat found inside a ripe coconut.  There are two types, thick and thin milk. The thick coconut milk is obtained by squeezing the grated coconut only once, while for getting thin coconut milk, the squeezed coconut meat is re-soaked in warm water and then again […]

Pflugerville, Georgetown, and Round Rock Trainer says “Turn on the fat BURNING””

New research indicates to burn more body fat you must cause EPOC..  Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen! This does NOT happen with long, frequent cardio exercise.  The minute you end your workout your metabolism returns to baseline. Not only that,but long slow cardio targets “slow-twitch” muscle fibers which need much less fuel. Now fast-twitch muscle fibers are another […]