Warming up and stretching. Which comes first?

I see many clients come to Bootcamp and
the first thing they do is stretch before
performing a lap.

Warm Up Comes First. Why?

Prepare the body for the activity
Injury prevention
Increase blood to muscle, tendons, & ligaments
Mental preparation

Stretching before or after your workout? Stretching is generally
considered a great way o improve muscle coordination, enhance range
of motion, and reduce injury potential but leading experts re-examine
stretching prior to workouts.Researchers have found stretching
decreases neuromuscular activation, inhibiting the efficiency at which
messages are transmitted from the brain to the muscles. Several studies
have shown running speed, muscular strength and endurance, and power
production are all adversely affected raising questions as to the validity
of preexercise stretching. This does not mean stretching should be
eliminated from your regular routine. Many research studies indicate
significant benefits of stretching when completed at the end of and exercise routine.
My recommendations, warm up the body and if you have tight muscles mild
stretching before processing to more aggressive exercise. For those with
injuries, beginners, or those more prone to injury more stretching may needed.

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