Escape the weight loss trap by Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant

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The idea that there is one diet that fits all people is like saying
there is one athletic event all people will excel at. In sports, athletes become
champions when the chosen event matches that person’s unique metabolic
expression, psychology and preferences. Nutrition is no different.

We humans crave certainty so much that we would rather follow an inferior plan,
than spend the time learning a new process. This is why people aggressively
cling to old models that don’t serve them.

True body change works when you stop being the dieter and instead become the detective. There is no question
diet plans feel more “certain”, but 2/3 of people who follow them end up fatter
in the end. If you need a meal plan and a written workout program, ask yourself
“am I learning to fish or being given a fish?”

Escape the weight loss trap and start learning a lifestyle that fits your metabolism, your psychology
and matches your preferences for food and exercise. Do that and you will have body change for life.

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