Weekly meal planning: to get lean or lose weight


Today is Sunday March 13th and i just spend 90 minutes today and 20 minutes
yesterday preparing my main meals for the week.


Saturday i cooked jasmine white rice and 6 serving of grass feed chili,
lean with some kidney beans and lots of spices for taste.

Sunday i cooked 1.5 pounds of shrimp with garlic,
a vegetable stirfry with 3 pounds of brocolli and 1 lb of aparagas with 1 tbsp of oil and garlic.

I also cooked Barilla high grain omega 3 pasta (3 cups cooked)

Now I put it all together…  added half veg stirfry to shrimp added some lite terriki sauce.  got 3 meal size containers added 1/2 c cooked rice and put 1/3 shrimp veg stirfry into each container as shown above.

add the other half of veg stirfry to high grain pasta and then spilt that into 5 servings.  These 5 serving will be served with the left over “skatewing” fish or chili.

Now i have 8 meals ready to go plus another 4 servings of chili for my spouse





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