Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Austin Fitness trainer says: Build Muscle, Burn FAT

Muscle is the key to fat burning!

Proper hormonal stimulus is required for muscle growth.  It is the same hormones for Males and Females

Lift heavy weights and increase HGH and testosterone!

But talking about testosterone and HGH often scares females away for fear of looking too muscular
NO, not true ladies!.  As a matter of fact these hormones are even more important to woman wanting a lean tight defined body because testosterone is a FAT BURNING hormone!

So what is the secret?


This is the most ignored or unknown principle in all weight training.  The legs are the strongest and biggest muscles in the body.  As legs work in full muscle contraction they have the potential to cause your body to release large amounts of testosterone and HGH.
These hormones interact with the entire body sensing signals of growth to all muscles

It may seem counterintuitive but training the legs not only develops the lower body but provides the growth promoting stimulus needed to repair from your arm or chest workout.

For men this means intense leg training literally helps build the upper body as well.
For women the benefits are tight legs and leaner body!


  1. And this is why a professional help of a personal trainer is needed. An outsider would never follow this logic and I see so many guys neglecting the leg exercises and focusing only on the “show off” muscles. The advice is great!

  2. Lyn says:

    Wow! did not know that. Thanks, June.

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