Articles from May 2018

SWAT Track dolly runs at Cedar Park Boot Camp

This is a deceiving exercise… It looks much easier than it is.. when you get about 1/3 around the track, fatigue sets in and that  is when very heavy breathing begins. Runners slow down as if they are running in mud or water.. Any comments??? have you tried these?

Cardio myth #1.. regarding weight loss.

Myth 1: Doing Tons Of Cardio Is The Best Way To Lose Weight. When we want to lose weight, we think about burning as many calories as possible—and logging endless miles on the treadmill or flights of stairs on the stair-master seems like the way to do it. Though traditional cardio workouts will help you […]

Worse foods for FAT LOSS: Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown, Hutto, Cedar Park Fitness Bootcamps

Jade Teta ND, CSCS There is an argument that is increasingly being made, that is fat cannot store fat. While we agree carbs are the biggest issue when it comes to reaching your fat loss goals, fat DOES store fat. When you think about fat loss many say it is all about hormones and others […]

Another 30 days of clean eating…. Meal plan 6

Breakfast options #1:          Protein Meal replacement , <5g sugar, > 15g protein, >= 200 cal #2:          3oz low sodium, lean deli, warmed on Thomas lite multi grain English muffin #3:          ½ honeydew or cantaloupe w/ ½ FF cottage cheese Snack options: #1:          ½ small turkey sandwich.  1 slice grain bread, tomato, 2 oz lean […]