Volume weight training

Volume is defined as the amount of weight x the number of reps.

It is a good idea to periodically look at your total volume  per a workout and make sure it exceeds your average for that exercise and exceeds the last time you measured your volume.

What exercises are best, those off machines such as BB squats, deadlift, pullups bent over rows, pushups, lunges, and squat shoulder presses.
Would not consider leg press for lower since the body is stationary.  When selecting lower body exercises consider those without back support and/or you are lowering the glutes towards the floor .

Bench press is a strength exercise and if i look at volume for chest, i will look at the bench, but prefer dumbbell chest since more muscles are involved in a dumbbell chest press than a barbell chest press.

Volume is a good way to measure not only strength but endurance.   It does require strong mental drive to push beyond confort zones.

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