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Keeping your shoulders injury free!

It is important to understand the shoulder. We never thing about them until we have pain. The shoulder has 3 major joints. Most people think of “rotator cuff” when they get an injury or pain. The shoulder is very mobile and is the most flexible joint in the body. Unfortunately there is a price for […]

Meal plan week 3

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Breakfast 1 C high fiber cereal1 C Mootopia Skim Milk 1 Egg plus 2 egg whites   Scrambled2 slice of lite wheat toast ½ Melon1 C cottage cheese¼ C high fiber cereal Protein shake:1 C of mootopia skim1 scoop of choc protein ½ small banana 8 to […]

Brenna, SWAT Boot Camp Tumbler

Brenna tumbling Brenna has been attending SWAT Fit Camp for one year.  She has other hobbies… Gymnastic is one of them… Check out how good she is…. She has a big competition in San Antonio on April 10th.

PULLUPS: Power of women’s strength!

RECOGNIZE A GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT! Amy and Lauren are personal training partners.   They share the hour together and they both have made some awesome changes.   Amy does not notice the back pain much any more.  Lauren has gotten back her leg strength from knee surgery a few years ago.   They both feel increases in endurance and […]

Lisa Success continues, part 2

Another month has gone by and Lisa just continues to improve.   She has become addicted to the “TABATAS” and is enrolled 3 times per week. Her waist is shrinking down, her energy is great and she has the determination and drive to get her where she wants to be.  Lisa wants to lose some weight, […]

Thanksgiving Fat Blaster workout

My clients asked me to offer a fat blasting workout at thanksgiving so they could burn off that large feast on thanksgiving. So I offered friday and saturday, a 90 minute workout. It was a huge success, We had 8 on “Black friday” and 16 on saturday. Some folks enrolled in both days, such brave […]