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Volume weight training

Volume is defined as the amount of weight x the number of reps. It is a good idea to periodically look at your total volume  per a workout and make sure it exceeds your average for that exercise and exceeds the last time you measured your volume. What exercises are best, those off machines such […]

To Bicep or Tricep, that is the question? Round Rock, Pflugerville Personal Trainer

Should more be spent on working the biceps or triceps?  The bicep is consider the vanity muscle, they get noticed more so alot of people spend alot of time working biceps more than triceps. The triceps are the much bigger of the two muscle groups.  If you are doing bi’s and tri’s on the same […]

Worse foods for FAT LOSS: Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown, Hutto, Cedar Park Fitness Bootcamps

Jade Teta ND, CSCS There is an argument that is increasingly being made, that is fat cannot store fat. While we agree carbs are the biggest issue when it comes to reaching your fat loss goals, fat DOES store fat. When you think about fat loss many say it is all about hormones and others […]

Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown Fitness Trainer: EAT SMART

Eat less and exercise more” is a weight loss mantra NOT a fat loss tool. If you want to be hungry all the time, lose muscle along the way and gain the weight back ending up fatter than you were to begin with, then follow this advice. If you want fat loss and sustained body […]

Escape the weight loss trap by Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant

The idea that there is one diet that fits all people is like saying there is one athletic event all people will excel at. In sports, athletes become champions when the chosen event matches that person’s unique metabolic expression, psychology and preferences. Nutrition is no different. We humans crave certainty so much that we would […]

Coconut milk & why it’s good for you

Coconut milk is obtained from the thick, white flesh or meat found inside a ripe coconut.  There are two types, thick and thin milk. The thick coconut milk is obtained by squeezing the grated coconut only once, while for getting thin coconut milk, the squeezed coconut meat is re-soaked in warm water and then again […]

Cedar Park Boot camp 90 fat blaster at Lean Images

Hurry, time is running out for enrollment. Deadline date is Thursday 11/25 6pm. $15 for an awesome fat and calories burner after the big thanksgiving meal. workout will be held at lean images studio  go to calendar page

90 Minute Spin/Bootcamp Fat Blaster

The hottest ticket in town… Top 2 Trainers together… Can’t find 2 more experienced trainers, 2 of the toughest, and most creative trainers in the austin metro area! June and Carole: 40 years experience Ride the hills and run the hills, throw in tabatas and boot camp drills and you have a ass kicker workout. […]

Cedar Park Boot Camp kicks butt

Enroll now for this week, 7pm cedar park boot camp at wilco park,. Only $150 for 6 weeks with a 20 yr experienced trainer You will leave exhausted, excited, and ready to come back to see what the next boot camp has in store for you!

Plus Size Fitness: Love Your Curves

Lean Images has developed a new fitness program putting the focus on our larger ladies. The gyms, group exercise classes, boot camps, and other personal trainers don’t seem to know how to address this. We need to welcome the plus size lady with open arms and help them to the path of wellness, better health, […]