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Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville Seamtress and alterations

Need pants or skirts hemmed? Alterations to clothes due to weight loss or gain? Zippers, buttons or tears repaired?  for more information

Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown Personal Training Specials

Lean Images Personal Training is offering specials on our inside bootcamps, group fitness programs and Plus size.  

To Bicep or Tricep, that is the question? Round Rock, Pflugerville Personal Trainer

Should more be spent on working the biceps or triceps?  The bicep is consider the vanity muscle, they get noticed more so alot of people spend alot of time working biceps more than triceps. The triceps are the much bigger of the two muscle groups.  If you are doing bi’s and tri’s on the same [...]

Pflugerville, Georgetown, Round Rock Boot Camp absolutely the best!

Lean Images and SWAT Boot camp offer the premium workout and trainers. With 20 years backing each trainer, you are getting the best trainer, knowledge, safety, and modifications as needed. We offer outside and inside bootcamps for Plugerville folks at our Round Rock location.

Lost weight? Need alternations? Round Rock, Pflugerville, Austin seamtress

Have you lost weight and now your dress or pants need altering? have your favorite outfit but it needs alternations? call June at 388-0003

Tabata Bootcamp specials, Lean Images, Round rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Austin

12 Month Bootcamp or Tabata Membership*  2x / week, 1 year agreement: $99 per month 3x / week, 1 year agreement: $120 per month     6 Month Bootcamp or Tabata Membership* 2x / week, 6 month agreement: $115 per month 3x / week, 6 month agreement: $135 per month   3 Month Bootcamp or [...]

Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown Fitness Trainer: EAT SMART

Eat less and exercise more” is a weight loss mantra NOT a fat loss tool. If you want to be hungry all the time, lose muscle along the way and gain the weight back ending up fatter than you were to begin with, then follow this advice. If you want fat loss and sustained body [...]

Escape the weight loss trap by Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant

The idea that there is one diet that fits all people is like saying there is one athletic event all people will excel at. In sports, athletes become champions when the chosen event matches that person’s unique metabolic expression, psychology and preferences. Nutrition is no different. We humans crave certainty so much that we would [...]

2013: Boot camps & Fitness specials: Round Rock, pflugerville, cedar park, Georgetown, hutto, Austin

2013 specials We are offering some $99 Bootcamps, 2 for 1 specials on specific fitness programs Unlimited monthly  Boot camps and Tabatas fitness programs We also have Plus size fitness, Group personal training, private personal training and bootcamps

Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown: Get Results in 2012, Personal training and Boot Camp

Each year resolutions are made to lose weight or eat healthier, and get back to the gym.  And 80% of those resolutions are never achieved. People go on super strict diets, being hungry all the time.   Since they feel so deprived they can’t maintain the diet.   Then go the gym and overdo it, get so [...]