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Top Training Time-Wasters

Light weights lots of reps: If you want to increase strength, raise your metabolic rate, and have more definition put the 2 or 5 pound DBs down.  Failure or fatique should come at no more than 15 reps Failing to Plan:Make a list of 8 to 12 exercise so you don’t wander around the gym. […]

Round rock personal trainer.. best fat loss foods

10 of the Best Fat Loss Foods in no particular order :: 1. Salmon (wild caught preferred) & Sardines – High protein, good essential fats, and lower mercury content unlike most fish. :: 2. Berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)– Low sugar, and a potent source of antioxidants :: 3. Bison– All the best elements of chicken […]

Cardio myth #1.. regarding weight loss.

Myth 1: Doing Tons Of Cardio Is The Best Way To Lose Weight. When we want to lose weight, we think about burning as many calories as possible—and logging endless miles on the treadmill or flights of stairs on the stair-master seems like the way to do it. Though traditional cardio workouts will help you […]

Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Austin Fitness trainer says: Build Muscle, Burn FAT

Muscle is the key to fat burning! Proper hormonal stimulus is required for muscle growth.  It is the same hormones for Males and Females Lift heavy weights and increase HGH and testosterone! But talking about testosterone and HGH often scares females away for fear of looking too muscular NO, not true ladies!.  As a matter […]

Women and strength = great metabolic rate

Ladies don’t be scared of weights… they are your best friend when it comes to managing your weight, reducing body fat, and keeping your arms, legs, abs and glutes tight and shapely. No bulk just a beautiful lean contured body!

Trainers tough workout

this is the trainers kickass workout: wide pullups into BB sqauts 4 sets, “T” bar row with deadlifts and leg curls, 3 sets, “T” bar row with Lat pull back to “T” bar row, 3 sets, Smith heavy lunge 5 sets, 15 reps per leg, finshed with deep squats and plyo jump squats.. my glutes […]

Trainers Workout for Oct 13: Leg Day

June, the owner and master trainer for Cedar Park Boot camps, and Round Rock Personal Trainer is providing you with an awesome leg workout. Keep in mind this is an advanced level and must know how to perform all exercises correctly. Warmup: 10 reps: Leg Press 135# and10  Barbell squat: 95 pounds Barbell Squat: parellel, […]

Brenna, SWAT Boot Camp Tumbler

Brenna tumbling Brenna has been attending SWAT Fit Camp for one year.  She has other hobbies… Gymnastic is one of them… Check out how good she is…. She has a big competition in San Antonio on April 10th.

How do you slim down heavy legs – Answer….

Last week i posted the question regarding slimming down heavy legs and asked you to test your fitness knowledge. Here is a quick summary of options: OPTION # 1: Do tons of cardio nearly every day.   Go light on weights so you don’t bulk them up? OPTION  #2: Focus way more on weight workouts.   Continue to […]

How do you slim down heavy legs?

See if you can choose the best way to make them less thick looking: Test your fitness knowledge thru a comment OPTION # 1: Do tons of cardio nearly every day.  Make cardio your primary mode for leg exercise.   Go light on weights so you don’t bulk them up? OPTION  #2: Focus way more on weight […]