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Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown Fitness Trainer: EAT SMART

blue pant w tank Medium Web viewEat less and exercise more” is a weight loss mantra NOT a fat loss tool.
If you want to be hungry all the time, lose muscle along the way and gain the weight back ending up fatter than you were to begin with, then follow this advice.

If you want fat loss and sustained body change, then you should eat more of the right things more often and exercise efficiently and smarter.

The result is hunger is gone, cravings controlled, energy stable and fat goes while muscle stays.

Stop playing the weight loss game and escape the weight loss brainwash of “eat less & exercise more

Escape the weight loss trap by Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant

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The idea that there is one diet that fits all people is like saying
there is one athletic event all people will excel at. In sports, athletes become
champions when the chosen event matches that person’s unique metabolic
expression, psychology and preferences. Nutrition is no different.

We humans crave certainty so much that we would rather follow an inferior plan,
than spend the time learning a new process. This is why people aggressively
cling to old models that don’t serve them.

True body change works when you stop being the dieter and instead become the detective. There is no question
diet plans feel more “certain”, but 2/3 of people who follow them end up fatter
in the end. If you need a meal plan and a written workout program, ask yourself
“am I learning to fish or being given a fish?”

Escape the weight loss trap and start learning a lifestyle that fits your metabolism, your psychology
and matches your preferences for food and exercise. Do that and you will have body change for life.

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Round Rock Trainer: Fat Loss, Understanding Carbs, types and timing

By Jade Teta ND, CSCS

The Carbohydrate Tipping Point has three primary parameters, Amount of carb, type of carb and timing of carbs:

Amount of Carb

For fat loss, each person needs to find the right amount of carbs that will deliver sustained energy but not slow fat loss. This is different for everyone.  To us one bite is approximately the size of a tablespoon and equal to roughly 5g of carbohydrates. For beginner fat loss seekers we suggest no more than 10 bites of carbs eaten exclusively at each of the major meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This can then be adjusted up or down based on your fat loss results as well as your responses to hunger, cravings and energy.

Type of Carb

In a fat loss lifestyle the carbs with the highest fiber relative to sugar/starch are basically eaten in unlimited amounts (for most people). These include non-starchy vegetables and low sugar fruits (berries, apple, pear). But the starchy carbohydrates and sweet carbohydrates have to be managed tightly. These include white grains, whole grains, beans and other carbs. This is often a point of confusion for people as they have heard that the “healthiest carbs” are whole grains and beans because of their high fiber. These carbs ARE high fiber, but they are much higher in starch/sugar and therefore are not as beneficial. This is an essential insight to the carbohydrate tipping point.

White grains have nothing but starch/sugar with little fiber. Whole grains and beans have more fiber and less starch, but they are still over 70% starch. They may be healthy, but they are not the best for fat loss. Vegetables and fruits (best to stick with the less sweet ones) may have less fiber than whole grains and beans, but they have far less starch/sugar and also much higher water content. This means they have a low glycemic load and make for great fat loss foods. I have included a graph below to demonstrate this point. If you get nothing else about carbohydrates you should know that the only truly free carbs are non-starchy vegetables and low sweet fruits (even fruits can be an issue for some). All others carbs should be consumed as bites.

 Timing of Carb

The timing of carbs involves using carbs to control your hunger rhythms and fuel partitioning. A high carb meal induces an insulin response which has been shown to adjust the leptin rhythm determining how hungry we feel from one day to the next. For some having carbs at each meal is still too much to allow fat loss. In this case it is helpful to reduce carbs further and focus all of the carb intake at specific times. Eating all your carbs at breakfast can help allay hunger at night. Eating all your carbs at night can help allay hunger in the morning. A carb load at night also helps sleep by dampening the stress hormone response many insomniacs experience at night. This leads to faster times falling asleep and less waking at night.

Another great time to include a higher carb load is post workout. Because exercise makes us uniquely carb sensitive, especially weight training, carbs taken post workout will be partitioned to liver and muscle glycogen stores first and aid muscle building before they are stored away as fat. This means higher loads of carbs as well as higher

Success with New Years Goals: Round Rock Fitness, Plus size fitness, Bootcamps

When it comes resolutions for the coming New Year, make sure it is reasonable

The problem with goals is most of them require big changes in multiple domains of our life. An example is a new years resolution to lose weight. That requires big diet and exercise changes.  And those two things require time, which means we need to make changes to even more things to make room for these new behaviors.

Dont make too many changes at one time.  Start with exercise first, then after a few weeks start  nutritional changes one meal per day at a time.

Psychology research tells us is that the chance of long-term success when you try to change more than one thing at a time is low.

Change one small thing at a time and your chance of success is greater that 85%.

So, what does this mean for you and I and our New Years Resolutions? It means you  should make  small change.   Dont make it so hard you will quit in a week.   start with 2 or 3 days of exercise.   Use a friend, trainer, or a group fitness to keep you on track.
After the brain gets used to this change add another element of this change in a few weeks.

This is a far better way to approach it.

Round Rock, Pflugerville, cedar park Fitness trainer : Is Being Fat Contagious?

Is Being Fat Contagious?

In 2007, researchers at Harvard Medical School released a study that found a person’s chance of becoming obese appeared to climb by 57 percent if a friend of the same sex was obese. Among close mutual friends, the risk of obesity climbed by 171 percent.

A 2008 study found similar results among adolescents, with a teen’s body weight tending to be similar to that of his or her closest friends. This was especially true among girls.

A more recent study out of Brown University found that overweight and obese men and women, ages 18 to 25, were more likely to have romantic partners, best friends and casual friends who were also overweight.

Why would this be? One theory is that as the size of our friends creeps up, we change our idea of what’s socially acceptable.

Miriam Nelson’s new book is based on the notion that your weight is all about who you know

“I believe that these changing norms have had a profound influence on the rapid spread of obesity,” Miriam Nelson writes in her new book, The Social Network Diet: Change Yourself, Change the World (FastPencil Premiere, 2011), co-authored with Jennifer Ackerman.

But if being fat is contagious, so might being healthy. That is the premise of Nelson’s book, which, despite its high-tech name, has little to do with the Internet and more to do with the network of friends, family, neighbors and colleagues who get us through our daily lives. If the people around us are eating right and exercising, we’re likely to do the same.

Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Austin Fitness trainer says: Build Muscle, Burn FAT

Muscle is the key to fat burning!

Proper hormonal stimulus is required for muscle growth.  It is the same hormones for Males and Females

Lift heavy weights and increase HGH and testosterone!

But talking about testosterone and HGH often scares females away for fear of looking too muscular
NO, not true ladies!.  As a matter of fact these hormones are even more important to woman wanting a lean tight defined body because testosterone is a FAT BURNING hormone!

So what is the secret?


This is the most ignored or unknown principle in all weight training.  The legs are the strongest and biggest muscles in the body.  As legs work in full muscle contraction they have the potential to cause your body to release large amounts of testosterone and HGH.
These hormones interact with the entire body sensing signals of growth to all muscles

It may seem counterintuitive but training the legs not only develops the lower body but provides the growth promoting stimulus needed to repair from your arm or chest workout.

For men this means intense leg training literally helps build the upper body as well.
For women the benefits are tight legs and leaner body!

Pflugerville, Georgetown, and Round Rock Trainer says “Turn on the fat BURNING”"

New research indicates to burn more body fat you must cause EPOC..  Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen!

This does NOT happen with long, frequent cardio exercise.  The minute you end your workout your metabolism returns to baseline.

Not only that,but long slow cardio targets “slow-twitch” muscle fibers which need much less fuel.

Now fast-twitch muscle fibers are another story.   They require much more fuel.

So intense shorter cardio will use more fast twitch muscle fibers increasing your metabolic rate up to 24 hour after cardio is down.

Sprints, Jaccobs ladder, or spinning at 85 to 95% intensity with recovery for 20 to 40 minutes!

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