Lean Images Rocks an SWAT Fit-Camp Baby Tees and tanks on Sale


The white burnout is our most popular style. 

So light and  ultra soft.  

Wear a colored sports top and you can see the color
thru the white top.   It also come with small capped sleeves.

The burnout comes in gray with peace signs, a true blue,
black, purple, and green.

Once you put it on you will want all of them!


 To place an order, email  Info@leanimages.net


Extra soft, very thin and light weight.

Great workout tops or wear with jeans or shorts


Very cute and fashionable...


1 for $15
2 for $25
4 for $40


Buy them on line then you can either come to studio and pick out your own, or let me choose and i can mail them to you for an extra $5 shipping.


What results have you seen from Fit-Camp?

"When I started Boot Camp, I could barely make it around the track once. I now run between 6-8 miles per week!"
- Darla, 26

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