NEW: Tornado Training

 Hottest New Cedar Park Fitness Training. 

Tornado fitness bootcamp is a blast.  It is the newest  Cedar Park fitness boot camp style training and it is only at Lean Images. It is so cool, it is hard to describe. 
Its a  heart bounding rollercoaster of a ride.   It has speed, up, down, twisting and  turning, backward, sideways, and everything in between.  It is an adrendrine rush that leaves you feeling exhilerated  and breathless! 
 The possiblities are endless.
What makes tornado training different is: the emphasis on quick body position changes; client does not know what direction they will be sent to next; exercises can be anything the trainer wants; the anticipation what is coming next and moving in all directions.  This Cedar Park fitness program uses bodyweight & moderate weights always moving to work the entire body to failure. Each drill is 2-4 minutes with a short recovery period. 
If you like the boot camp format and  want to lose weight, boost your metabolic and turn your body into a  fat burning machine... Look no further...
Let me take you on an unbelievable journey to a fitness high like no other! This will be the wildest fitness ride.   One class and you will be hooked!

 Tornado Training is perfect for
  • Maximizing weigh loss for clients short on time
  • Avoiding plateaus
  • Anyone wanting to burn more bodyfat fast
  • Fitness enthusiast looking for a fresh new challenging workout
  • Burned out on boot camps
  • Athletes
 These workouts are general about 45 minutes or less due to the intensity level, so they are great for clients that are short on time and want a long metabolic burn long after the workout.

Understanding Metabolic Conditioning? 
  • Metabolic exercise uses large muscle groups and its goal is to use natural sports moves combined with resistance training, old school calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics and explosive Olympic style movement into one workout.  Uses light to  moderate weights.
  • A metabolic training will use strength, anaerobic, aerobic training to tax the body’s major energy systems with the objective of burning the greatest amount of fat both during and after workout.
  • Metabolic workouts  are fast pace and hard hitting involving short rest periods and full fatigue
Where are Cedar Park Tornado Training held?

Not recommended for anyone with serious neck, back, or knee restrictions. 







"I enjoy working out with June. She challenges me and gives me a varied program to work through. I like the results that I have attained and will continue to work with her."
- Dr. Rafael A. de Haro, Wyoming Springs Pediatrics, Round Rock

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