Beach Body Challenge 4 or 5  Days a Week!


Try on your suit, how does it look? Turn around and look from all views.

 Do you wear a wrap to cover up?  Or a one piece to hide your abs?

You Won't after this program! 


In 8 or 12 weeks wear the swim suit of your choice!

The results will surprise you. This is a Beach body cedar  boot camp and personal training program is exclusive to Lean Images.  We are looking for individuals who are ready to step up to a challenge and commit to 8 to 12 weeks of intense fitness and Boot camp training to make drastic changes to your body and health


  • Expect to lose 5 to 10% body fat
  •   Reduce 2 to 3 dress or pant sizes
  •  Loss 20 to 40 pounds
  •  Firm & defined abs, legs, and arms



Program include:

  •  60 minute consultation
  • Bodyfat analysis before and after 
  •  2 week meal plan to get you started and nutrition guidance
  •  3 or 4 cedar park boot camps or 3 or 4 Round rock boot camps (inside or outside)
  •  plus a saturday studio workout or customized workout to do on your own  .


 Whether you're a beginner or a triathlete,   YOU will be challenged to your potential.  We will modify exercises accordingly based on your enrollment application & fitness level

Where is are the Beach body Cedar Park Boot camp held?
Where are our Beach Body Round Rock Boot camps held?

What results have you seen from Fit-Camp?

"Before working out with June, I couldn't even run a mile. In less than four weeks I was able to run several miles and at 11 minutes or less!"
- Mary, 39

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